9-1-1 Henderson Dispatch

When should you call 911?

Calls to 911 should be for emergencies such as:
  • Any crime in-progress
  • Any other life threatening situations
  • Any type of fire
  • A serious medical emergency

What happens when you call 911?

In order to correctly assess the situation for a prioritized response, you will be asked certain questions which are vital to the safety of the caller and the responders.

  1. The Location
  2. The Problem

When you call 911, the telecommunicator will first ask you “where is your emergency?” It is not always automatically provided with the phone number and the location that you are calling from. You will be asked to verify this information since quite often individuals call 911 from locations other than where the incident is occurring. If you call 911 from a cell phone it is very important that you provide the location to the telecommunicator.

What should I do if I call 911 by mistake?

If you call 911 by mistake, DO NOT HANG UP. Stay on the line and explain that you do not actually have an emergency. If a caller to 911 hangs up without stating the problem, the caller may be contacted in order to ensure that no actual emergency exists.

If I need the police, but it's not an emergency, what number do I call?

If you need the police, but it is not of an emergency nature, please call our non emergency line at 270-827-8700.

If you need help or know someone who does call 866-393-6659