The Economy
Henderson is on a high bluff more than 70 feet above the river’s low water mark. This great waterway and its connections with the Mississippi and other waterways gives Henderson an outlet to the cheapest mass transport method in existence and a waterborne commerce to the world.

Henderson was originally an agricultural center, shipping directly to Europe from riverboat such products as tobacco, hogs, and corn. It was also an industrial leader in the manufacture of buggies and wagons.

Current State
Henderson still has a strong stake in farm production. Henderson County is one of Kentucky’s greatest producers of soybeans and corn. Tobacco and forest products are also important. Henderson County is also a producer of oil and coal.

Henderson’s industrial potential is enhanced by the well-planned and well-located industrial parks within the city’s environs. The new plants and rehabilitated older ones have been redesigned and upgraded to meet the requirements of modern industry and are an important part of the Henderson industrial economy.