Sanitation Collection

2023 Altered Trash Collection Schedule for Holiday

Sanitation Crew

Residential Collection

Residential Collection begins at 5:00 a.m. and must be out by that time. Schedule subject to change during holidays and summer. 

Fee: $20.00

Residential Garbage Pickup Routes

  • Monday - Watson Lane to Wolf Hill Road
  • Tuesday - Second Street to Watson Lane.
  • Wednesday - East of Atkinson St. and Pkwy; south of the railroad
  • Thursday - Second Street south to Audubon, Vine, and Madison Streets
  • Friday - South of Audubon, Vine, and Madison Streets

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Guidelines for Residential Trash Collection

City of Henderson Trash Cart Pic

  •  All residential customers within the city shall collect and store solid waste generated on their property in residential roll out carts furnished and approved by the city sanitation department.
  •  Contents of residential roll out carts shall be limited to normal household refuse.
  •  All waste must be deposited in the residential roll out cart with the lid closed.  Material protruding from container may prevent the container from being collected.  Loose items/bags or boxes set on or beside a residential roll out cart will not be collected during regular collection service and constitutes a special load for which there are additional charges.
  • One (1) bundle of tree branches and/or twigs bundled and tied with twine, no longer than five (5) feet nor larger than one and one-half (1½) inches in diameter, and no more than fifty (50) pounds, may be placed adjacent to the residential cart and will be picked up at no additional charge.
  •  All residential roll out carts must be placed within five (5) feet of the curb, street pavement, roadside, or alleyway before 5:00 a.m. on collection day.  Residential roll out carts that have not been placed at the curb, street or alley when the collection truck passes may not be collected until the following scheduled pickup date. 
  •  The residential roll out cart shall not be placed within three (3) feet of any stationary object such as a car, mailbox, utility pole, tree, shrub, fence, recycle cart, other trash cart, etc. 
  • The householder shall maintain the residential roll out carts in good working order, ordinary wear and tear excepted.
  • Raw human or animal excrement shall not be collected by collection personnel unless sealed in air-tight and water-tight plastic containers and then placed in standard residential roll out carts.
  • Prohibited items, including but not limited to batteries, liquids of any kind, pesticides, florescent light bulbs, mercury-containing equipment such as thermostats or automatic switches, hot ashes, hot charcoal and other special or hazardous wastes designated by the United States Environmental Protection Agency and/or the Kentucky Department of Environmental Protection, shall not be placed withing the residential roll out cart for collection.




We also provide a backdoor pickup service for those in need.

Commercial Collection

Commercial Collection Begins at 5:00 am, Monday through Saturday.

Fee: $40 per month for one pickup per week with an additional $35.00 per month for each additional pickup per week. 

City of Henderson has 2-yard dumpsters for sale at the City's cost plus tax.