Online Reporting

Report a crime online.

This no-cost service, developed and maintained by the Kentucky State Police, serves as a more efficient way for the public and law enforcement agencies to submit crime reports to the KSP.

Upon completion and submission, your Civilian Online Report will be sent electronically to the law enforcement agency that you selected. A police officer will review the report, and one of three things will occur:

1) The officer will accept the Incident report, and you will receive email notification with further instructions. Approved Incident reports are available for purchase on for $10.

2) The officer will decline the Incident report, and you will receive an email notification. You may make corrections and resubmit.

3) The officer determines that the Incident requires further investigation. The officer will contact you to complete the Incident report. Once the Incident report is completed by the officer, it will be available for purchase on for $10.