Gas Leak Information

Do You Know What Natural Gas Smells Like?
  • Henderson Municipal Gas (HMG) puts odorant in our natural gas pipeline to give natural gas a smell similar to rotten eggs. Natural gas in its pure state is odorless, that is why we add the smell of rotten eggs in order to alert you of potential danger.
  • Make sure everyone in your home is aware of what odorized natural gas smells like.
  • If you would like a sniff card, they are available in the customer service lobby or by request.

What to do if You Think There is a Gas Leak
  • Everyone should leave the home or area immediately.
  • Do not turn lights on or off, use a cell phone, light a match, or cause an ignition.
  • Do not start or shut off a vehicle or equipment that could cause sparks.
  • Do not attempt to turn natural gas valves on or off.
  • Call HMG or 9-1-1 from a safe area clear from the leak.

To Report a Gas Leak

  • Call (270) 831-2493
    Monday - Friday
    8 am - 5 pm
  • Call 9-1-1
    After hours, holidays, or weekends

All gas meters are the property of the City of Henderson and must remain accessible. This is for your safety so that HMG can get to your gas meter in case of an emergency.

Do not turn gas meters on. This could result in an unsafe condition. Always call Henderson Municipal Gas at (270) 831-2493.

Dial 811 Before you dig.