Why Choose Natural Gas

Did You Know?
  • Natural gas furnaces produce a warmer heat, are more efficient and economic to use, and can heat a home during a short or long-term power outage.
  • Natural gas water heaters recover up to 40% faster than electric models, can ensure a supply even if electric is out, and costs less to operate.
  • A natural gas fireplace warms a room faster than a wood burning fireplace and is environmentally preferred.
  • A natural gas generator can supply a home when there is an electric outage and can save 40% compared gasoline or diesel.
  • Natural gas is one of the cleanest burning fossil fuels. Its carbon footprint can be 45% smaller than a home heated from other fossil fuel sources.

Electric Heat or Gas Furnace?
(One MCF = one million BTUs)

90% fuel efficient furnace
  • 1 MCF*7.49 = $7.49
  • Annual 78 MCF*7.49 = $579.54
(293 kWh = one million BTUs)

  • 293 kWh*0.062 = $18.17
  • Annual 20,569 kWh*0.0.62 = $1275.25